Systeme hacken

#cypher, Mai 2017


Systeme analysieren, hacken und neu ordnen



>>Systeme hacken<< ist als eine Art Analyse, Anregung und Anleitung gedacht, wie sich Systeme ein wenig aus den Angeln heben lassen. Darüber hinaus ist es eine freie Assoziation übers Hacken und was Systeme für uns Individuen bedeuten können. Es ist ernst, denn die Umstände sprechen für sich!


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#cypher, Born on 25th May 2012 in Richmond, Virginia.
His father, William John, taught mathematics at Binford Middleschool in Richmond, Virginia. He died in 1999 in Richmond. His mother, Susann, worked as a librarian at Richmond University. These days she lives in a suburb of Richmond. #cyphers eldest sister, Elisabeth Johna, lives in the same suburb and takes care of her mother. #cypher studied Social Analysis and Symbolic Reasoning at Richmond University until 1984. Furthermore he voluntary attended seminars on investigative journalism. In 1983 he published the short story ::Time is a negativ Collision:: in the Richmond University Journal The Collegian In 1984 #cypher attended workshops on Creative Writing, Semiotics and Photography. In December 1985 he launched the artist- and literature-group NiSenada which until end of 1986 irregularly published the journal DollarQi The journal made it´s mark due to its unorthodox contents and became known far beyond the borders of Richmond ::NiSenada:: arranged readings and performances in divers clubs, amongst others in New York. In 1986 #cypher undertook an extensive bicycle-tour across the USA, from the East Cost to the West Cost. During his trip he had his most formative experiences and encounters. In one of his few interviews he said, that these encounters had been decisive and existential for his further producing. Amongst others he met the Kiowa Indian and writer MP. Scott Momaday. The Kiowa Indian initiated #cypher in rites and lost knowledge of the Kiowa, which allegedly never had been conveyed in writing. Subsequent to his journey #cypher wrote the short novel The Violence of the Rising Sun Extracts from this short novel and photographs of his journey were published in an edition of DollarQi In 1993 #cypher meets during a cruise along the Mexican coast the Berlin-based ethnologist and photographer Marianne Schlomann. Two years later they marry in Berlin. Since 1995 #cypher lives, writes and works reclusively in the suburb of Berlin. Current projects: Sendung Realität and Systeme hacken

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